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Education for Kids

Jun 3, 2008 |
Free drill games related to math, language, social studies, and science. ... Read more


Jun 3, 2008 |
Online matematički časopis za učenike i studente. Izdaje Hrvatsko matematičko društvo. ... Read more

Math Forum: Pi Necklace

Jun 3, 2008 |
Description of a project for students that uses Pi as a guide to stringing different coloured beads on a necklace. ... Read more


Jun 3, 2008 |
Education sites for K-8 teachers and kids. Find online educational games for kids of all ages, including math, grammar, science, spelling, and history. ... Read more

Marianne Wartoft

Jun 3, 2008 |
Includes a language tutor, geography program, and teaches children letters, numbers, simple math, and basics of reading. [English and Swedish] ... Read more